Conclusion Effective cognitive psychological nursing can relieve anxiety and affliction of patients undergoing gastroscopy

 Patients Undergoing Gastroscopy

   Smoking was forbidden the day before, so as not to affect intonation due to cough during examination. It can also reduce gastric acid secretion, which is convenient for doctors to observe.

   Patients should be fasting for at least 6 hours before examination. It is difficult to support physical strength after fasting for severe and weak constitution. Hypertonic glucose solution should be injected intravenously before examination.

   For the patient easy feeling, reduce gastric secretion and gastric peristalsis, remove the foam in the stomach and make the image clearer. If necessary, the doctor should use medicament for examination before 20-30 minutes .

  Before the examination, the patient goes to urinate and empty the bladder. After entering the examination room, the patient should left side lying position or changes to another position as needed. After entering the mirror, you can't bite the mirror with your teeth to prevent biting the plastic tube of the mirror body. The body and head should not rotate to prevent damage to the mirror and viscera. If there is any discomfort, the patient can't bear it for a long time,please let doctor and nurse know.

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