How Do You Use A Shower Chair? | Bathroom Safety Products For Seniors

Place The Shower Chair In The Tub Or Shower Stall

The shower chair isn’t very useful to the senior if it’s not in the bathtub or shower stall.

You’ll want to position it in there now, ensuring it’s as stable as it can be. There should be no possibility the shower chair can slide, wobble, or lean. Otherwise, you need to reposition it until it is stable.

All four rubberized feet should touch the floor of the tub or shower without the legs losing their levelness, as well.

Be Sure It’s Stable

5 Steps To Using A Shower Chair

  1. Place the chair in the tub or shower stall
  2. Be sure it’s stable. Put an anti-slip mat underneath for more protection
  3. Remove obstructions that can topple and hurt someone or cause them to slip
  4. Alter the chair’s height so it can be used for both standing and sitting
  5. Sit in the center of the chair, never on the edge

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